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...did you know melee is still running? they could use some company

Kill 2 Win [K2W]
This alliance is open to anyone. It's main purpose is to group major slayers together. If you join this alliance and don't have a commander, your welcome to be KrAzY's officer. [Smilie: =D.gif]
Links Stats
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Created 4762 days ago
Members 8
Rank 445
Alliance Size Rank 38
Average Member Rank 3,542
Rank of Average Member Ranks (rankety rank rank O_o) 332
Total Attack Force #29
Total Defense Force #30
Total Covert Force #29
Total Security Force #29
Member Rules
1. Attack people.
2. Farm people.
3. Be nice to people.
4. It IS ok to attack alliance members.
Rules of Engagement
1. Attack everyone.
2. Attack for good gold.
3. Don't be too nice to peoples DF.
4. Mass away if you want too.
5. If someone has *K2W* as their main alliance, do NOT bounce their tater. [Smilie: =D.gif]
Auto accept members: Yes
Player Soldiers Rank in Alliance Role
#916 1,487,801 Humans #1 Normal Member
#1,341 2,234,192 Humans #2 Normal Member
#2,094 2,300,253 Humans #3 Normal Member
988,181 Humans #4 Normal Member
#2,882 2,001,788 Humans #5 Owner
#5,689 1,563,406 Humans #6 Normal Member
#6,182 1,652,639 Humans #7 Normal Member
#6,657 1,648,657 Humans #8 Normal Member