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...did you know melee is still running? they could use some company


A. Privacy

  1. This game employs cookies to enhance the user experience. These cookies do not track your activity. There are cookies written to disk to store preferences for table collapsing/expanding, and then there are session cookies that are used to keep you logged in.
  2. Your account information is never shared with a third party. Our administrators take your privacy seriously and only use your email address to contact you in regards to the game.
  3. You are not required to use any of your real contact information, except for your email address. You must provide a valid email address in order to complete your registration to the game.
  4. There are advertisements on this game that are used to help pay the cost of the game and the cost of its creator's living. These advertisements may employ cookies on their own.
  5. Links to other websites that may appear on this site may not be governed by this administration. Please refer to the privacy policies in place on external websites if you choose to view them.

B. Legalese

  1. By signing up or using a game account, you agree to all of this game's terms & conditions as stated in the rules.
  2. The owner of this game makes no warranty, express or implied, about the usability, reliability, longevity, or speed of the game. All of the services that this server hosts are provided as is.
  3. Terms & conditions set by this game are governed by the laws of the state of Texas, where the server is hosted, and by the laws of the state of Indiana, where the creator resides.
  4. By posting original content on this server, you agree to give the creator unlimited rights to use the content in any manner including, but not limited to, promotional purposes, entertainment purposes, and commercial monetary gain (as if that'd ever happen).
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