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melee is kind of working, they could use some company

I own j00 ^_^ [I_OWN]
Links Stats
Created 4774 days ago
Members 4
Rank 137
Alliance Size Rank 86
Average Member Rank 3,259
Rank of Average Member Ranks (rankety rank rank O_o) 395
Total Attack Force #64
Total Defense Force #56
Total Covert Force #59
Total Security Force #59
Member Rules

    [*Do whatever you feel like
  1. Kick all the taters you wish [Smilie: ^_^.gif]
Rules of Engagement
Kick everyone's taters, have fun, and do your own thing =P
Auto accept members: Yes
Player Soldiers Rank in Alliance Role
#1,577 95,961,859 Humans #1 Normal Member
102,415,072 Humans #2 Normal Member
#3,227 95,923,354 Humans #3 Normal Member
#6,650 98,267,400 Humans #4 Owner