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darn, melee is still broke


This is a game

The rules are simple
  1. Have fun.
  2. If you're not having fun, whine and bitch and moan about the game until something gets done about it. Because it's worked so well so far.
  3. Accuse everyone else around you of cheating when they're doing better than you. That's what everybody does anyway.
  4. On second thought, forget about everything you ever thought to call cheating. It doesn't make a bit of difference, guys.

Above all else, fuck it

  1. This is a game. Life is too short to get bent out of shape over shit. Don't do shit you wouldn't want done to you, and don't whine when shit gets done to you that you wouldn't do. Why stress out about it? Shikata ga nai. We've all been encumbered for years by this silly belief that using browser addons is somehow unfair, or that running more than one account is cheating. Hell, if you can run more than one account and keep up with all of them, then my hat's off to you, good sir (or madam...wait, madam? pics! )
And finally, the closing statement:

Your use of the community does not fall under the free speech law. If an administrator of the game deems your expressiveness to be disruptive to the community, you will be removed from it.