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melee is kind of working, they could use some company

GhostCore [GC]
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GhostCore is primarily a growth and defence clan division of Fearless Force. We do not provoke, and play as fair as possible. However we do not take kindly to farmers and repetitive tater hitters and lead by example when it comes to setting a precedent.

We strive to be a top ranking alliance and have a justly reputation. GhostCore only accepts quality players that are carefully scrutinised to uphold our legacy and the reputation of Fearless Force.
Links Stats
Forum: http://www.fearlessforce.org Created 6065 days ago
Members 2
Rank 206
Alliance Size Rank 295
Average Member Rank 6,289
Rank of Average Member Ranks (rankety rank rank O_o) 653
Total Attack Force #267
Total Defense Force #267
Total Covert Force #267
Total Security Force #267
Member Rules
::Welcome to GhostCore! ::

The Elite Sub Clan of FF


1: No in-chain kamikaze's whatsoever
2: Respect your fellow alliance members at all times
3: We sabotage with kamikazes.
4: Keep active and burn your turns.
Rules of Engagement

1. Farming - If a player/players are farming you, please message me the details so that we can organise a mass kamikaze with all GC members.

2. Hitting Taters - If a player/players are hitting your tater, please message me the details so that we can organise a mass kamikaze with all GC members.


1. Best way to play this game is to spy people that have taters. You get more value in gold than from gold hits unless it is exceptional high value gold that you are hitting.
2. Spy taters when the event is currently on Chest Feast and Gold Rush to maximise Gold steals and upgrades.
3. Keep your Defence high as possible to prevent gold steals on you.
4. Keep your Security high as possible to prevent gold robs out of your bank on you.
5. Best pages to spy taters on are generally 60 - 100.

Auto accept members: No, require manager approval
Player Soldiers Rank in Alliance Role
#5,596 10,465,210 Humans #1 Owner
#5,602 9,322,728 Humans #2 Owner