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melee is kind of working, they could use some company

Quit Your Crying [-RRGN-]
Round 100 is on and we wish to all a happy hunting...
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Round 95 exit912 1st Place Argon 2nd Place
Round 96 What a relaxed round, Life is good aaaahhh!!!
Round 97 exit912 1st Place Argon 2nd Place
Round 98 exit912 1st Argon 2nd moustapha83 3rd
Round 99 exit912 1st Place
Created 5106 days ago
Members 5
Rank 43
Alliance Size Rank 71
Average Member Rank 5,411
Rank of Average Member Ranks (rankety rank rank O_o) 628
Total Attack Force #63
Total Defense Force #69
Total Covert Force #68
Total Security Force #68
Member Rules
    "How To Serve Man"

  1. Get one or eight man
  2. Hit man hard
  3. Hit man more
  4. Put man in fire
  5. Eat man
Rules of Engagement
    The RoE deal with four issues:

  1. When military force may be used,
  2. Where military force may be used,
  3. Against whom force should be used in the circumstances described above, and
  4. How military force should be used to achieve the desired ends.

Level 1: Compliant (Cooperative). The subject responds and complies to verbal commands. Close combat techniques do not apply.
Level 2: Resistant (Passive). The subject resists verbal commands but complies immediately to any contact controls. Close combat techniques do not apply.
Level 3: Resistant (Active). The subject initially demonstrates physical resistance. Use compliance techniques to control the situation. Level three incorporates close combat techniques to physically force a subject to comply. Techniques include: Come-along holds, Soft-handed stunning blows, Pain compliance through the use of joint manipulation and the use of pressure points.
Level 4: Assaultive (Bodily Harm). The subject may physically attack, but does not use a weapon. Use defensive tactics to neutralize the threat. Defensive tactics include: Blocks, Strikes, Kicks, Enhanced pain compliance procedures, Impact weapon blocks and blows.
Level 5: Assaultive (Lethal Force). The subject usually has a weapon and will either kill or injure someone if he/she is not stopped immediately and brought under control. The subject must be controlled by the use of deadly force with or without a firearm or weapon.
Auto accept members: No, require manager approval
Player Soldiers Rank in Alliance Role
#5,257 329,998,272 Humans #1 Normal Member
#5,308 338,646,698 Humans #2 Manager
#5,989 297,493,448 Humans #3 Normal Member
#8,268 318,424,815 Humans #4 Owner