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melee is kind of working, they could use some company

the undead [the UN]
we will fight to the death as one and NEVER attack another alliance member no matter what!!!
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Home page it is pretty fun with alot more people but a little bit slower at first.

Created 5167 days ago
Members 5
Rank 134
Alliance Size Rank 67
Average Member Rank 4,332
Rank of Average Member Ranks (rankety rank rank O_o) 488
Total Attack Force #56
Total Defense Force #56
Total Covert Force #56
Total Security Force #56
Member Rules

  1. Rule number 1 mass attacks go throw me or maneger
  2. Rule number 2 do not interact with enemys when in an alliance war that will be for the maneger incharge of the allaince
  3. Rule number 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you must be active every day to every other day to join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [=]Rule number 4 if rules are not fallowed you will be kicked out
Rules of Engagement
if attacked in are alliance you will gett help from every one in are allaince and war could be declared if thats what us being the victen will deside to gether by vote and concile will have a meeting on what should happen we are all treated the same in this allance and not one of use is any different traders to are allance will die
Auto accept members: No, require manager approval
Player Soldiers Rank in Alliance Role
#1,542 436,585,721 Humans #1 Normal Member
#3,044 394,526,328 Humans #2 Normal Member
#4,921 403,160,371 Humans #3 Owner
#5,423 424,018,187 Humans #4 Owner
#6,734 428,237,505 Humans #5 Normal Member