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melee is kind of working, they could use some company

Warm Blooded Bastards [WBB]
Links Stats
Created 5238 days ago
Members 5
Rank 31
Alliance Size Rank 72
Average Member Rank 5,278
Rank of Average Member Ranks (rankety rank rank O_o) 621
Total Attack Force #76
Total Defense Force #70
Total Covert Force #70
Total Security Force #70
Member Rules
1.) Respect the following alliances:
C.) WBB lol.
2.) Respect the following people.
A.) Vegeta
B.) Feelix02 (Creator)
C.) KAT-Ori (Co-Creator)
3.) Kick all the Taters you can find.
4.) go Hard at every round and never give up!
Rules of Engagement
Kick all Taters..
Respect all Alliances, Even UN, Or any single alliance in the game.
Do not make ANYONE in the whole game feel bad.
If you get farmed for very bad gold, Tell feelix02 via msn: [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] or Contact Feelix via Message in the game.
We are Closely allied with KAT, So respect them as much as you can! [Smilie: smile.gif] They also rule.

Lastly, have fun! And do not give up!


Auto accept members: Yes
Player Soldiers Rank in Alliance Role
#2,087 312,058,796 Humans #1 Owner
#3,809 321,853,088 Humans #2 Normal Member
#5,946 334,873,583 Humans #3 Normal Member
#6,771 352,862,625 Humans #4 Normal Member
#7,781 340,650,144 Humans #5 Normal Member