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melee is kind of working, they could use some company

Cold Hearted Bastards [CHB]
Benefits of Membership in The Cold Hearted Bastards Alliance:

1: This Alliance is comprised of some of the Oldest and Most Experienced players of Rise of Tyrants. We will offer support and training for those who need or want it.

2: CHB Leaders all have wins in at least one of the 3 versions of ROT - while some have multiple wins in one or more versions. We probably have the MOST experience of any group in the game right now. Most of us have been playing since the first day this game went online.

3: We will help any member of CHB to become an effective and dangerous opponent in the game.

4: All members of CHB are also friends. We are a MULTINATIONAL Clan. At one time CHB had members from 3 different continents and more than 10 countries.

5. CHB was formed in 2004 and will endeavor to be a pain in the ass for any foes for ever

Links Stats
Created 5248 days ago
Members 19
Rank 6
Alliance Size Rank 21
Average Member Rank 3,803
Rank of Average Member Ranks (rankety rank rank O_o) 439
Total Attack Force #18
Total Defense Force #18
Total Covert Force #18
Total Security Force #18
Member Rules

    1. This is a game - play it don't live it - have fun

    2. Respect the other members of CHB

    3. We DO NOT steal the taters from online [CHB] members - AND WE DO NOT attack online [CHB] members. ALL NON CHB MEMBERS ARE FAIR GAME UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED.

    4.*NEW* Assist in defending CHB at all costs - that means saving turns for end of round retaliations - or retaliating against those who harass and belittle our members on the battlefield or in the shoutbox

    5.*NEW* Click as much as you can when you can, when the changes fury has planned are implemented any growth your commanders gain will be repaid

    6. *NEW* During tater event Bump all Taters that are offline, This finishes the rotation,

    Rule 4 means if someone is bumping your taters regularly let US KNOW, 20 people regularly bumping thiers will put an end to it.

    *NEW* Membership requires you to be in the CHB Command Chain. Although you are pretty much able to choose your commanders and officers - we may ask you to move to another commander to help balance out the squad. Please Comply

You must be prepared to help out if needed, you must have access to MSN Messenger - and if possible IRC. We will help you to get either one or both working
Rules of Engagement
1. If they are not wearing the [CHB] tags then they are fair game. Wearing the tags means having their Alliance tag set to [CHB] . There are a few exceptions -MOZELLA- is the main oneand you'll be informed who they are. Unless specified by RudeViper. Fargus or CHBmrsDepravedFargus We will not make deals concerning Hot Potatoes or stealing others Gold.

2. If YOU START "STUFF" with another player or in the shoutbox be prepared to handle it alone. However - if YOU didn't start it and they won't quit, talk to one of the Commanders and they will DEAL with it accordingly - RESPECT other players.

3. Obey the upper element of the clan

4. Attack and spy as much as possible the more you do the more ranks we get

Auto accept members: Yes
Player Soldiers Rank in Alliance Role
#657 318,064,033 Humans #1 Owner
#777 372,868,509 Humans #2 Normal Member
#831 374,720,782 Humans #3 Normal Member
#1,166 356,708,407 Humans #4 Normal Member
#1,931 351,652,288 Humans #5 Normal Member
#2,119 371,727,708 Humans #6 Owner
#2,154 323,357,777 Humans #7 Manager
#2,806 379,510,971 Humans #8 Manager
#3,109 321,994,321 Humans #9 Owner
#3,200 349,745,842 Humans #10 Manager
#3,464 370,134,380 Humans #11 Owner
#4,591 327,789,964 Humans #12 Owner
#5,331 337,358,975 Humans #13 Manager
#5,503 332,295,315 Humans #14 Normal Member
#5,915 369,854,468 Humans #15 Manager
#5,920 311,987,041 Humans #16 Owner
#6,936 357,741,372 Humans #17 Owner
#7,618 337,885,693 Humans #18 Owner
#8,233 331,408,575 Humans #19 Normal Member