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---In game abbreviations/frequently used words/phrases:

RoT --> Rise of Tyrants

Base --> Command Center
Armory --> Place to purchase weapons
Training --> Place to train/untrain/buy specialists and mercs
Upgrades --> Place to upgrade many different aspects
Logs --> Place where all activity done by or on your account. (attacks, defenses, logins, password changes etc.)

User ID --> Your accounts identification number(#), found in your command center
Unique ID --> Recruitment identification number, also found in your command center

AF --> Attack Force
DF --> Defense Force
CF --> Covert Force
SF --> Security Force
UP --> Unit Production (increases soldiers produced per turn)
TBG --> Turn Based Gold (the money your soldiers produce every turn)

K --> Short for thousand. ie. 1k gold = 1,000 gold
M/Mill --> Million 1,000,000
B/Bill --> Billion 1,000,000,000
T/Tril --> Trillion 1,000,000,000,000

Q&A --> Question and Answer
FAQ --> Frequently Asked Question

Multi --> Multiple, usually used to refer to a person using multiple accounts, or to refer to the accounts person is using.
Bug --> A small problem(error) in the coding of the game RoT
Newb --> New player
n00b --> An annoying new/old player
MOD --> RoT's game and forum moderator (can ban/suspend/own cheaters and rule violaters)
fury --> (NO CAPS) The creater and owner of RoT. He is god so dont F*** with him [Smilie: tongue.gif] See also Newb

Reset --> A feature in which one may start over his/her account, or a feature which happens at the beginning of each new Age or Round to forcibly restart everybody's account to level the playing field.
Age --> (e.g. 0, 1, 2) A period of the game in which major functionality changes occur, and the game is reset.
Round --> (e.g. Age 1's 1.5, 1.6, etc, or Age 2's Rounds 0-23) A shorter period of the game in which minor changes may occur and the game is reset.

farm(ed) --> The source of lots of gold or being farmed, attacked for lots of gold.
HP/tater --> Hot Potato
bump the tater --> The act of someone attacking a player with a hot potato to bump(move) it to another.

MS --> Mothership: the strongest special attack weapon
IoAL/DI--> Intervention of Almighty Leetness/Divine Intervention: the strongest special defense weapon

---Out of game abbreviations/frequently used words/phrases:

Soda --> aka pop, fury's favorite source of fluids
NE --> Abbreviation of "Any"
Uber --> Super
joo --> You
Pwn(d)/Owned --> The act of someone destroying you
ty --> Thank you
yw --> Your Welcome
woot/w00t --> An interjection describing content or enjoyment
leet/1337 --> Of elite status
Kewl --> Another way of spelling "cool"
rox0rs/r0x0rs --> Rocks
OMG(z) --> Oh My God
lol --> A disgustingly overused acronym originally intended to convey "laughing out loud"
ROFL --> Rolling on the Floor Laughing (laughing very hard)
lmao --> laughin my ass off
[Smilie: smile.gif] --> smile/happy
[Smilie: =D.gif] --> smile big/excited
[Smilie: tongue.gif] --> sticking my toung out at you
o_0 --> shocked/confused
[Smilie: sad.gif] --> frown/sad