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Upgrades in Rise of Tyrants are usually a multiplier of some sort, designed to increase your army's effectiveness in the stated area. Some upgrades have a point at which buying them is more beneficial than any other action you can take.

Upgrade What does it affect? Best to upgrade...
Siege Level Attack Force When you see "Alert: You are due for your next Siege Level..." at the top of Upgrades [Smilie: goto.gif] page. If you don't see the notice, you should buy weapons or mercenaries instead.
Fortification Level Defense Force Same
Spy Level Covert Force Same
Security Level Security Force Same

Also, upgrade this to get a better chance to save your gold in case you fail to defend an attack on your army.
Bank Level Extra gold that is saved each turn (based on your income, but does not subtract from your income), as well as percentage of gold that may be saved when attacked. If you would like more gold each turn and to save more of your gold in attacks against you.
Blacksmith Level Weapon Repair Prices If you don't want to pay so much to repair your weapons.
Unit Production Soldiers gained each turn Every turn, you get this amount of soldiers automatically added to your army. This also affects how many soldiers you receive from recruit clicking. Upgrade this as often as possible and as much as possible, it is quite literally the most important upgrade in the game unless you plan on exclusively using attacks to gain gold.