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An alliance is a group of people playing together.

Due to the way this game is designed, you do not need to be in an alliance to do well. The focus of development on this game is on making it playable for individuals first and foremost.

However, starting or participating in an alliance is not discouraged, and in fact there is an alliance management and ranking system available in this game.

Start an alliance [Smilie: goto.gif]

  • Alliance founders start off by choosing a name and tag for their alliance. The tag, a short abbreviation of the alliance, will eventually become part of the Battlefield and Stats page listing. People may start or join any number of alliances they like. However, only a single tag will be made visible when applicable, so people will eventually be able to choose one of the alliances they are a member of as their primary alliance. By default, one's first alliance (whether by foundership or joining their first alliance) will become their primary alliance.
  • Alliance founders may then manage their alliance to change the name, tag, 4 profile sections, and whether to automatically accept members, automatically deny members, or require manager approval for each new application. The default is to automatically accept members, so that it's easy to get an alliance started.
  • On the alliance listing page, people may select an alliance to view, and will be able to see that alliance's profile, including aggregate stats/ranks for the alliance. Members will be able to see detailed stats for combined Attack Force, Defense Force, Covert Force, and Security Force. On the same page is a join button. Clicking the join button will either join that alliance, or make a request to join the alliance, if the alliance is accepting new members.
  • The alliance founder may make any member into an owner or a manager of the alliance. Managers of the alliance are allowed to approve or deny new applications, and to kick or ban members. Owners, on top of managing, are able to change the alliance's name, profile, and settings, promote members to managers, and demote managers back to members.
  • Any manager, owner, or founder of the alliance will find the Manage link at the top of the alliance's profile.
  • All active members of the alliance will receive alliance announcements in their Logs [Smilie: goto.gif] page. Announcements are currently only automatically generated when a management operation is made (such as, changing the profile, approving members, promoting, etc).

    I do plan on adding a custom Alliance announcement feature which will insert a message of your choice into all members' Logs page. The alliance announcements do not, however, show up alongside Alternate Notifications at this time (which is the feature that tells you at the next page refresh what has happened to your account in the meantime). I am still in the process of configuring the database to ensure this is an optimal setup and won\'t detract from site performance to be able to show alliance announcements in this manner.
  • There is not currently a way to delete an alliance, so be careful not to mess up when you start it. Keep in mind that you can completely change an alliance\'s name, tag, and profile at any time after you create it. Look on the Alliance rankings page to find your alliance.

    A few things to note about abuse of the alliance system:
  • Players who create obscene amounts of alliances will probably be banned.
  • Players who put anything inappropriate in alliance profiles (name, tag, profile, links, member rules, rules of engagement) will probably be banned.
  • Players who are irresponsible with the management of their alliance and promote an owner who places inappropriate content in an alliance profile will probably be banned too.

See alliance rankings [Smilie: goto.gif]

  • Alliances are ranked based on their membership count and their average member rank. Whichever alliance is the best overall balance in both of these will be the #1 ranked alliance. e.g. an alliance with one member, individually ranked #1, will have an average member rank of 1, which is unlikely to be beaten by a populated alliance. However, an alliance of 1 member has a size rank that is easy to beat, which will cancel out the effect of the average member rank.
  • Alliance rankings are updated halfway between each player ranking.
  • Although they do not affect the alliance's overall ranking, total attack force, defense force, covert force, and security force is summed up for each alliance and ranked against the other alliances. Members will be able to see the total stats, everyone else only sees the ranks.