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What is it?

This is a preventative measure designed to deter unfair play by using a program to automatically play the game. It's called a CAPTCHA and is used on many popular sites usually to stop robots from registering and using it for spamming purposes. On this site, it's used to stop them from playing any accounts, so that everyone has a fair chance at having fun and ranking well.

How do I pass it?

Interpret the number shown in the image, which should be fairly easy most of the time. Yeah, we know ones and sevens are a problem. If the image is too hard to read, just reload the page. There is no penalty for leaving a CAPTCHA unclicked.

What if I click the wrong one?

If you fail 5 times in a three-minute time period, you are then given a more complex CAPTCHA to solve. This is done to stop people from running bots that randomly guess a number to click. If you are not able to solve this one, you will have to endure a three-minute cooling down period in which you may not view any page that uses a CAPTCHA.

Is there any way to click them faster?

Yes. See the Advanced Game Tactics section