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In your armory [Smilie: goto.gif], you can buy, sell, or repair weapons. Weapons are the main item you use to increase your army's strength.

Standard weapons must be held by soldiers in order to be used in battle or affect your stats. In other words, for your Plasma Sword to be effective, you must have an unarmed attack specialist, soldier, or mercenary available to use it. Soldiers and mercenaries are the all-purpose units and can pick up one of all four types of weapons, which makes them flexible in battle. Specialists, attained by training them in the training [Smilie: goto.gif] page, are twice as strong, but only hold their specific type of weapon..

Unmanned weapons do not require soldiers, but they are less cost effective.

Weapons can be damaged in battle and must be repaired, otherwise their effectiveness in battle will go down. You can decrease the cost of repairing by upgrading [Smilie: goto.gif] your Blacksmith Level.