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Treasure chests are nifty things with cool stuff in em.

You can get one by either successfully spying on someone who has a chest, or by being given one randomly by the server (which happens about once every 5 or 10 seconds to another person)

There is no limit to how many chests you can get, and there is no limit to how many chests you might find on a page. You just need to spy in order to find them on other people.

You may occasionally open multiple chests at once. This is done no differently than opening a single chest, but in the case of having more than one chest on you, the game automatically opens the rest of them for you.

Treasure chests will contain one of the following:

  • Soldiers - We don't know how they all got in there, but they instantly pop out and are added to your army. If you're already pretty large, don't expect much help from this chest.

  • Gold - More gold is always good! This gold goes in your vault now, as does the gold you make from every attack. Thus, it cannot be stolen back from you.

  • Unit production upgrades - Probably the most important upgrade in the game. If yours is already high, don't expect much from this either.

  • Magic Tater - This is the same as a normal tater, but it cannot be knocked off you if someone attacks. This is fairly rare, and it can sometimes take several thousand turns of treasure hunting to find one.

  • Turns - This is even more rare, and only found when you are dangerously low on turns.

How the chest contents are calculated

There is a certain calculation that will base itself upon your existing status and provide a lower and upper range for the soldiers, gold, and unit production chests. The exact contents are then randomly chosen from that range.

The other two chests are far more rare (i.e. 1/200th of a chance or less) and require certain conditions to be met first.


While you have a tater (hot potato or magic tater), the contents of each chest are doubled. (roughly doubled, when it is a random number range)

While the Chest Fest event is in effect, on chests that you steal from other people, contents are doubled once more.

This does mean that having a tater during chest fest event means on average 4x larger treasure chests.

More about the soldiers chest

This gives you an amount of soldiers proportional to how well you rank in terms of army size. Mercenaries are not included in the calculation for how big your army is, however all other types of units are included.

You're not gonna get very many anyway if you're already one of the biggest.

More about the gold chest

This is determined based on the battlefield's total amount of TBG, not on the battlefield's current amount of available gold. The gold treasure chest is determined by taking a calculation from the battlefield's total TBG, and multiplying it by the random number chosen between the lower and upper ranges.

More about the unit production chest

This chest provides you with an amount of unit production upgrades equal to the upgrades you could buy if you spent an entire gold chest on only unit production upgrades.

That's still only gonna buy you ONE upgrade if the gold value it ended up with will only buy one upgrade.

However, one unit production is the bare minimum for this treasure chest, as sometimes your unit production may be so high that not even the contents of a gold chest would upgrade it.

The elusive RoT age 2 chest algorithm in the best pseudocode I could come up with on short notice:

magic_tater_chance = 500

if event is Shadowfall
  • turn_threshold = 4000

  • turn_chance = 200

  • turn_threshold = 2000

  • turn_chance = 400

if a random number between 1 and magic_tater_chance is magic_tater_chance
  • and they haven't had a tater yet for this rotation

  • skip to magic tater chest

or if turns < turn_threshold and a random number between 1 and turn_chance is turn_chance
  • skip to turn chest

  • pick a random number between 1 and 3

number 1, soldier chest:
  • size_rank = how many people in the game have more soldiers than you (queries the database each time, so that multiple chests don't overblow their soldier count in one shot)

  • soldier_multiplier_range = 4, or 8 if tater

  • multiplier1 = random whole number between 1 and soldier_multiplier_range

  • multiplier2 = (size_rank / 2) or 1, whichever is larger (ie the 3 biggest armies always get a 1, fourth biggest gets 1.5, etc.)

  • soldiers = unit_production * multiplier1 * multiplier2

  • if stolen during chest fest, soldiers * 2

  • return soldiers rounded down (truncate any decimals)

number 2, gold chest:
  • base = (sum of tbg on all players) / 80

  • if stolen during chest fest, base * 2

  • chest_gold_multiplier_range_lower = 15 if no tater, 25 if tater

  • chest_gold_multiplier_range_upper = 60 if no tater, 75 if tater

  • gold = random number between chest_gold_multiplier_range_lower and chest_gold_multiplier_range_upper

  • return gold

number 3, unit production chest:
  • gold = as calculated above

  • unit_production = how many upgrades you would get with this gold if you hit the max checkbox on unit production upgrade

  • return unit_production

number 4, magic tater chest:
  • well, duh, gives you a magic tater. and a cheeseburger, for some reason.

number 5, turn chest:
  • turns_to_give = 200

  • if tater, turns_to_give * 2

  • if stolen during chest fest, turns_to_give * 2

  • return turns_to_give