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The tater [Smilie: tater.gif] is a game turn modifier. Normally, it is a random and rare occurrence. It can happen whether you are online or off, or you can take one during the tater fest world event.

While you have a tater, you get 10 times as many turns, gold, and soldiers per turn as you normally would, and an additional unit production upgrade every turn. Also, recruit clicks, treasure chests, attack pillages, and bank robbery loots are doubled while you have it, so it's a good time to spend your turns and grab all the gold and chests you can, or run through your recruit link to gain some extra soldiers.

Aside from the TATER fest TATER fest TATER fest event, you cannot attack other people in order to get the hot potato - when you attack someone with the hot potato, it is kicked off of them if you have at least a certain percentage of their defense, and then it lands on another person randomly. Then you must wait 3 minutes before attacking another one.

During the TATER fest TATER fest TATER fest event, it is crucial to hit as many of them as you can, as you get your turns back, making it free gold. Additionally, you receive 10 unit productions worth of soldiers and 10 turns worth of gold on top of whatever gold you stole off of the target. So, whip out them beaters and start mashing up the taters!

The hot potato cannot be held longer than 15 minutes (give or take a second or four). After 15 minutes has passed, the tater slips out of your hands, and you return to the normal production rates. Depending on how far into the round it is, there may be several hundred taters on the battlefield. Every turn, the game scans for taters and drops it out of the hands of people who have had it for 15 minutes. If there are fewer than the maximum, one will be created every turn until the battlefield has reached the maximum number of taters

The magic tater, also known as the golden tater, [Smilie: magictater.gif], is found randomly during attacking or opening treasure chests, and is an invincible equivalent of the normal tater. This is one that cannot be kicked off of you no matter what. It is rare, but quite effective, and rewards you for being active.

The battlefield has a rotation that must be completed before each person is eligible for another random tater. You can see the rotation progress in the Brag menu, under your taters hit statistics. When this meter reaches 100%, everyone that does not have a tater becomes eligible for another tater, and the rotation starts over from the beginning again. This does mean, unfortunately, that if you are holding onto a tater when the rotation resets, you will not be made eligible for another until the next rotation, so plan your taters carefully if you can.