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Rollbacks happen when something doesn't match up when the server checks your account after you do something with your account. (i.e. buy something, train something, untrain something...)

This issue is known to make it look like your account has been reset, but it is a technical issue which means something happened to your account between the time you pressed the correct number, and when the server finished processing what you wanted to do. Possibilities: a turn elapsed, someone attacked or spied you, etc...

When this happens you need only simply revisit the page and try again. Your account remains untouched in the case of a rollback.

Database errors (black screens with the message, Database error at the top) occur depending on certain bad things, such as too many connections to the database server (which is a lot). If this becomes a persisting condition, then something on the game has broken, and the database server is refusing further connections until it finishes the tasks that the other connections are waiting to do. Sometimes, due to admin stupidity, some of the scripts that run the turns on the game will not stop trying to connect to the database and do things to it, and they pile up every minute.