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Melee round 686 ends in 1 day 4 hours 33 minutes 8 seconds

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» Event: Bloodthirst · Ends in 43 minutes 7 seconds

All armies gain an additional 25% attack bonus

Minute Melee Round 686. 4,073 players registered; 18 players active now

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  • Finally fixed some deprecated code. The shoutbox and messaging work again! Hallelujah. Moved to a new cheaper server a few weeks ago, figured it was about time to save some money on hosting this stuff.
  • Few more years and this game will be old enough to buy its own drink. Wild.

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  • Screw 2020, eh? Anyhoo, I kind of accidentally fixed some stuff including melee, except for message parsing (so the shout box and messages will look empty for a while until I fix more deprecated code)


  • I lost everything from about mid-February 2015 til now because I'm a dumbass.


  • Several RoT Gods have gotten their hands dirty this round:
  • Evan, the God of Events, has decreed that the Merc fest shall be 30 minutes.
  • Teri, the Goddess of Training, has increased the strength of trained soldiers/covert operatives from 2.5 to 3 and decreased the strength of mercs to be equal to untrained soldiers, 2.
  • Armstrong, the God of Armory, has changed the cost of special weapons to be 10,000,000 or 10,000 (equivalent in cost effectiveness to a standard weapon). They are also adjusted down in strength to be equivalent to such a weapon in untrained hands.
  • Armina, wife of Armstrong, has exercised her authority over armory sales and has now opened the market up to sale of covert tools.
  • Vaughn, the God of Vault, after many ritual sacrifices, has agreed to make items sold or banks withdrawn during the selloff event put gold in your vault instead of on hand, so that you are safe to sell during the sell fest.
  • Ron, the God of Taters, has made it so that you can drop the tater on command by going to your base and clicking a link.


  • Javier, the RoT God of Javascript, has decreed that the "max" numbers that you see in the armory and training pages are now clickable so that you don't have to type them in yourself.


  • After further review with the God of Events (I think I'll call him Evan), the frequency of events has been reduced. There should, on average, be a longer break between events now, although there is still the chance for back to back events occasionally.


  • Welcome to round 226
  • The vault has been removed (except for starting gold, I forgot how to change that, doh)
  • The event list has gotten a lot shorter, and Gold Rush has changed to 50% bonus. Merc event has been shortened to 15 minutes. Chances are, it doesn't even take you that long to top up your mercs anyway, so it might as well not waste so much of your time. Also, events will now have a chance of starting any minute, not just at the top of the hour, so there will almost always be something going on.
  • Taters now give you a unit production level when you get them, as well as an additional upgrade for every turn that happens while you have it. They will drop after a half an hour, and you can now hit taters once every 5 minutes outside of the tater fest.
  • The bank level upgrades now give you additional gold in your bank instead of subtracting from your TBG.


  • How do you like the new (old) digs?
  • Attacking will now recall the last number of turns you used in the session
  • The double-shouting block has been killed with fire. Use this new power responsibly.
  • There will be some changes to Melee at the beginning of the next round:
  • The upcoming round will spell the end of certain events
  • There will also be a couple of changes to taters - you will gain another unit production level when you get one, you will get one more unit production level per turn while you have it, and the tater will drop after approximately 30 minutes of continuous tatage to allow the love to be shared.
  • The bank will add instead of subtracting a percentage of your existing TBG. (i.e. if your TBG is 1,000,000 and your bank level is 20, you currently get 800,000 on hand and 200,000 in the bank. Next round, you will get 1,000,000 on hand and 200,000 in the bank)
  • And last but not least, the vault will be removed in an effort to return some excitement to a 6 year old game.


  • O shit, it's a throwback!

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