Rise of Tyrants

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All armies gain an additional 25% attack bonus


IMPORTANT - this type of game can become very addictive and begin to infect your life in ways of which you aren't yet aware. Please, for your sake, play this game responsibly. If you are changing your sleep schedule or blowing off real-life obligations to play this game, you need to step back a bit. It is just a game.

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The Story

Humans are not alone. Three mutant races have emerged from the darkness decades after an accidental detonation of all nuclear missiles on the planet. Commanders are picking up the pieces left over from utter annihilation, starting over with nothing but scrap metal and blue prints in their minds. Each commander wants complete control of the world, to rule the population with absolution; the iron fist is ingrained into their very soul. It is a race to build the most effective army by the time judgment day arrives at the end of the age.

You pick up a set of binoculars to observe the chaos and decide you want a piece of the action. You could be one of four races:

  • Humans - 25% more gold per turn
  • Terrans - 25% more security strength
  • Minotaurs - 25% more attack strength
  • Drones - 25% more defense strength

Now it is up to you to make your mark on the land. Challenge the other tyrants of the land and prove your superiority.

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