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Please read this disclaimer - this type of game can become very addictive and begin to infect your life in ways you may not have the mental capacity to imagine. Please, for your sake, play this game responsibly. If you are finding yourself changing your sleep schedule, or blowing off real-life obligations to play this game, maybe it's time to call it quits. It is just a game.


Regarding recruit links, officers, and alliances

  • Do NOT, for ANY reason, give your recruit link to someone you do not know. This is considered spamming and is a bannable offense.
  • Do NOT make unsolicited recruitment for officers or alliances using the officially designated discussion venues for Rise of Tyrants. The IRC channel and the community are for discussion of the game only. Not recruiting. Solicited means that they have asked you directly, "How can I join your alliance," or, "Can I be your officer?"
  • You will be BANNED if you post the recruit link in any forum, chat room, or other internet communication venue where the links to referral-based websites are not EXPLICITLY allowed. If you're not sure, then it's not safe.
  • You may click yourself as many times as you want. No need to change IPs or use proxy servers. This feature will remain until further notice.
  • You may click anyone else (including officers) as many times as you want.
  • You may click as fast as you want. Use of programs that help you by automatically reloading the recruit page are permitted (read below), or if you do not have access to one of these programs you can use the integrated auto-reload feature when you access a recruit page while logged in. To access this feature: go to the recruit link, click the number, and click the blue bar at the bottom. The recruit page should then reload.
  • You may NOT use programs that attempt to give anyone soldiers without a human being recognizing and clicking the number (auto-clickers).
  • If you wish to become someone's officer, make sure they are a fair and honest player. Commanders who break the rules are subject to being responsible for their entire command chain being banned.

Rules regarding gameplay

  • Account feeding, the act of playing an account solely to be attacked by a larger account, including but not limited to gaining more gold or more upgrade points, is ILLEGAL starting now, and is now the most serious offense. Your account(s) will be banned and you will forfeit your IP address's access to the site if you get caught, NO questions asked, NO excuses accepted, NO exceptions to the rule, PERIOD. This goes for everyone: family members, co-workers, blood brothers, arch nemeses, and total strangers.
  • Do not, for ANY reason, sign up or use more than one account. Why? Because there IS NO REASON to use more than one account. You can do all that you want to do with one account.
  • Do not, for ANY reason, log into anyone else's account. If you or they are losing money overnight, the solution is simple: get more defense.
  • Do not use remote desktop links, scripts, interface programs, or other tools enabling you to essentially spend on another person's account for them.

    * The above three rules are the most SERIOUS infractions and shockingly also the most common. They can very easily result in an INSTANT ban, especially if you have used your access to the other account to build up your own.
  • Do not send apologetic messages on your friend's behalf if they have gotten themselves banned for one of the above rules. They have violated the wrong rule at the wrong time and THEY ARE NOT GOING TO GET UNBANNED. Especially with sniveling stupid people like you begging and insisting I give them another chance.
  • Do not impersonate an administrator and try to get someone's password.
  • Do not load or refresh pages rapidly in such a way as to attack the Rise of Tyrants server or lock an account.
  • Do not utilize proxy services to access the site unless such services are the only way you can browse the internet.

Rules regarding family/friend/coworker/roommate access

  • Family members, friends, coworkers, or roommates (the "group") may share the same IP address or computer provided all of the following conditions are met:
  • Passwords and email addresses are completely unique, not shared between members of the group
  • Noone logs in for each other
  • Noone attacks each other
  • A violation of these conditions has resulted and can result in account bans for ALL members of the group

Rules regarding sale of game assets

  • You MAY NOT offer your game account, officers, soldiers/clicks, or gold for any type of worldly currency or any asset in another game. Period.

Rules regarding the community

  • Do not use inappropriate language in the community. Keep it G and PG. This means don't say anything that you wouldn't want your mother, boss, teacher, kids, or an FBI agent to read.
  • No cheating accusations. Period. You may discuss cheating and how much it sucks, but you may not post any message accusing another player of cheating at all.
  • Before you start a new thread, look for previous threads on the subject you are about to post about. If it's about the game, chances are good that it's already been posted about. Multiple threads about one subject gets real annoying REAL fast.
  • No swearing in thread titles. This can produce an IRREVERSIBLE ban from the forum. Keep swearing inside threads to a minimum. People are browsing from work or school here.
  • Do not post stats of any other user that you have to attack or spy to find out. Attack log summaries are OK, so you can brag about your gold steals, but NOT about how much more damage you did than they did.
  • Do not post personal information about ANY person at all. This includes you. I'm talking about phone numbers, home addresses, work addresses, etc. This is to protect both you and me. If you decide to go off on a rant about your employer/school/family, you had better make sure you have not left anything that could be traced back to you, because I am NOT responsible for you getting in trouble because of this forum.
  • Forums are for discussion, not advertising. Do not use any thread or post in the forum as a means of gaining alliance members, officers, website visitors, or ANYTHING. If you post a link to an external site, it must be relevant to the thread or the game. (example of relevant: starting a thread for links to Rise of Tyrants help guides, posting a link to a recruiter or click helper in a thread asking for one) The one exception: If it is really really funny, it is allowed.
  • Keep post replies on topic - do not talk about eggs in a thread about the armory.
  • Flaming is not tolerated. Especially in political threads. Stay civil in your rebuttals, no matter how retarded you may think the other person may be.
  • Keep discussion about other games restricted to its forum
  • Spammy threads are not, were not, and will not ever be tolerated.
  • Community rules may be enforced retroactively by moderators, this means a new rule may be enforced on a pre-existing thread. Closed or deleted threads will not be restored if a rule change has made them permitted.

Rules regarding game automation/assistant programs

  • A game automation/assistant program ("The Program") is defined as a program that automates some or all of a certain task or tasks in this game.
    • automatically log into an account,
    • purchase repair or sell weapons,
    • purchase training or technology upgrades,
    • train soldiers or mercenaries,
    • attack or spy,
    • detect or click the correct number on a recruit page,
    • modify or remove ANY part of the page, especially advertisements,
    • or load or refresh pages rapidly in such a way as to attack the Rise of Tyrants server or lock an account.
  • The Program MUST be tested and approved by me, before that happens its use is not permitted.
  • The Program MUST NOT ask for any login information.
  • The Program MUST display any web sites on this server in a full browser control or window, large enough to display any advertisements, with a fully visible status bar to indicate its current state. (Done, Loading http://www.riseoftyrants.com/recruit.php..., etc)
  • The Program must NOT request, retrieve, store or transmit any information that can assist in the compromise or damage of any user's game account or computer. This includes but is not limited to e-mail address, IP address and operating system vulnerabilities.
  • The description and content of what is being transmitted or received by The Program MUST be clearly visible or accessible - i.e. data that it is sending to a server, URL that it is requesting from a server.

Approved Programs

  • Lords of Peril's Evolution for RoT
  • Cypher87's RoT-Clicker version 0.3 and above
  • Scott Beatson's RoT Click Helper
  • JaySea's RoT accelerator
  • Lor23's RoT Clickwhore
  • Misterman's Clicker

NON-Approved Programs

Actions that may be taken at my discretion

  • If you are stupid, or violate the rule(s) written here (or that will be written in the future), or the unwritten rule(s) in my head, if you cheat, or do anything else that is bad, I will take one or more of the actions below:
  • Your account(s) may be temporarily or permanently banned.
  • Your command chain (officers and sub-officers, etc) may be temporarily or permanently banned.
  • Your IP address(es) or range(s) may be temporarily or permanently banned.
  • Your internet service provider may be contacted to prevent further abuse.

Privacy Statement

Cookies by Rise of Tyrants

This site is an online game. Cookies employed by the Rise of Tyrants server are for keeping your session active for 15 minutes and storing your menu and text size preferences. They do not track your web activity outside of Rise of Tyrants. I store your email address on file for account verification/recovery purposes. These addresses are never released to other parties. I hate spam as much as everyone else (I get about 200,000 mails a month...)


Advertising companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other Web sites in order to provide advertisements on this site and other sites about goods and services that may be of interest to you.

In the course of serving advertisements to this site, advertisers may store or retrieve other cookies than the ones employed by Rise of Tyrants. I cannot govern the policies and privacy statements of these advertisers.

Advertisements may at certain times contain objectionable content. I have very little control over the content of the advertisements. If you notice an ad gone bad you have the option of reporting the ad in the forums (put it in Suggestions forum, there is probably an ad reporting thread there), or you can donate at least $10 and receive the pages on Rise of Tyrants ad-free, forever and ever amen.

DO NOT use programs or other unfair means to click the advertisements on this site. I will find you out and I will PERMANENTLY ban you from this entire server.

There is NO INCENTIVE to users for clicking on the advertisements. They are not there for your personal in-game gain. Click on the advertisements if the product interests you or if you wish to help contribute to supporting the server.

Personal privacy

IP addresses and certain other pieces of computer identification are stored on the server for monitoring of activity in the interest of detecting abuse and multiple accounts. These pieces of information will never be shared with another party except in the event of reporting abuse to an internet service provider or in the event of a court order to comply with a criminal investigation.

In-game privacy

I can read, withhold for review, delete or change at any time any usernames, profiles, private messages or forum messages registered or posted on this server. This is to ensure the security and cleanliness from spam of the Rise of Tyrants community.

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