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  1. Have fun.
  2. If you're not having fun, whine and bitch and moan about the game until something gets done about it. Because it's worked so well so far.
  3. Accuse everyone else around you of cheating when they're doing better than you. That's what everybody does anyway.
  4. On second thought, forget about everything you ever thought to call cheating. It doesn't make a bit of difference, guys.

Above all else, fuck it

This is a game. Life is too short to get bent out of shape over shit. Don't do shit you wouldn't want done to you, and don't whine when shit gets done to you that you wouldn't do. Why stress out about it? Shikata ga nai.

That said: Your use of the community does not fall under the free speech law. If an administrator of the game deems your expressiveness to be disruptive to the community, you will be removed from it.

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This site is an online game. Cookies employed by the Rise of Tyrants server are for keeping your session active for 15 minutes and storing your menu and text size preferences. They do not track your web activity outside of Rise of Tyrants. I store your email address on file for account verification/recovery purposes. These addresses are never released to other parties.

Personal privacy

IP addresses and browser fingerprints are stored on the server for monitoring of activity in the interest of detecting abuse. These pieces of information will never be shared with another party except in the event of reporting abuse to an internet service provider or in the event of a court order to comply with a criminal investigation.

In-game privacy

I can read, withhold for review, delete or change at any time any usernames, profiles, private messages or forum messages registered or posted on this server. This is to ensure the security and cleanliness from spam of the Rise of Tyrants community.

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