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What's this thing about?
Once you get the hang of it, Rise of Tyrants is a cinch to get to the top, but a battle to stay there. The basic objective is to have the most well-developed army by the end of the round. (You can see how much time is left in the round with the reset counter, next to the turn timer. Reset in: dd:hh:mm:ss)

Each army can choose a different race, and races have specific abilities which can play a part in your strategy.

A summary of the races:

  • Humans (Default): 25% increased income

  • Terrans: 25% increased security

  • Minotaurs: 25% increased attack.

  • Drones: 25% increased defense.

Each race has a specific world event which increases its abilities for a short time. These events affect your power and/or your gameplay for a short time. However, they do not affect the final ranks of each round, which are calculated without the event effect.

The strategy is in how you get your gold, how you invest it, and how you train and upgrade your army. For example, a balanced style is best served by no specialist training whatsoever, and a full stock of mercenaries. An army focusing on defense is best served by training all possible soldiers to defense, and using mercenaries to pick up the other kinds of weapons. Pay close attention to the training and upgrades pages, as they will provide advice on what to do if your weapon configuration isn't optimal or you are due for a new upgrade level.
Important resources

  • Turns
    This is the basic token for using your army to carry out an action, such as attacking or spying. Turns come once every minute, in a finite supply, so you must use them wisely to get the most out of your effort. Some events or situations in the game allow you to gain more turns quickly, but the normal course of earning turns is simply waiting.

  • Soldiers
    They make gold, and they hold your weapons. Get these by upgrading Unit Production in the Upgrades page [Smilie: goto.gif] [what are upgrades [Smilie: help.gif]], or by using your recruit link at the bottom of the Base page [Smilie: goto.gif].

  • Gold
    Get this by gaining more soldiers to produce more income, or by attacking and stealing it from other armies around you in the Battlefield [Smilie: goto.gif]. To do this, you should build up your Attack Force by buying Attack weapons and upgrading your Siege Level when it says you are due. Attacking people costs 10 turns each time, whether you win or lose. The turns you have are shown in the upper right corner of the page.

  • Vault
    This is where gold goes that you steal from other players or receive by withdrawing from your bank or selling weapons. The Vault cannot be stolen from, unlike your bank, or the gold you currently have on hand. Spending gold from your vault is automatic, and you spend from your vault first.

  • Weapons [Smilie: help.gif]
    Get these by visiting the Armory page [Smilie: goto.gif] and using the gold you have, buy weapons to increase your effectiveness in that area. The standard weapons at the top half are more cost effective, but you need soldiers to be able to pick them up. The unmanned weapons below them DO NOT require soldiers in order to be used by your army, but they are more costly. Buy these only after you have equipped every soldier and merc with a standard weapon.

  • Mercenaries
    Get these by hiring them from the Training page [Smilie: goto.gif]. They fight first on the battlefield, so they protect your valuable soldiers (who bring in gold) from dying. These troops are just as effective as standard, untrained soldiers - they can pick up all 4 kinds of standard weapons.

  • Treasure chests [Smilie: help.gif]
    Get these by spying on other armies in the Battlefield [Smilie: goto.gif]. Don't just spy on people you want to steal gold from - treasure chests could be anywhere. Spying costs 3 turns, and if you happen to be lucky enough to find more than one treasure chest on a person, each of those costs 3 extra turns as well.

Keep in mind

  • Mind the world events [Smilie: help.gif], shown at the center of the page, just above the game play area.
    The world event modifies the game in some way for 15 minutes that may give you an extra advantage, or an opportunity to make a big steal (Bloodthirst, Shadowfall) or readjust your army's weapons (Selloff). Clicking on the icon or name of the current world event leads you to the Event List [Smilie: goto.gif], which shows all possible world events, what they do, and when they last occurred. Events occur in a random order chosen from the list of events that have not yet occurred. After they have all occurred, the list is cleared and they start over being picked at random.

  • If you get a hot potato [Smilie: help.gif] (tater - [Smilie: tater.gif] ) or a magic tater (also called golden tater - [Smilie: magictater.gif] ), that means your army is producing 10 times as much of its own gold and soldier production, and you have the opportunity for larger treasure chests and bigger gold steals from attacks. The hot potato is given to you randomly by the game server, and can be kicked off of you by anyone who can beat you in an attack, or come close. You can FIND a magic tater by attacking anyone and winning, or opening a treasure chest, although the chance is very slim. However, the magic tater cannot be kicked off of you. The maximum time you can have any tater is 15 minutes, after that (or a few seconds thereafter), it will slip out of your hands and you will return to normal.

    Getting a tater during certain events like Mega Turns or The Draft is a good way to rebuild a low amount of turns and soldiers, both very valuable resources.

    During the TATER fest TATER fest TATER fest event, you can attack taters for free, and you get one every time you take one. It's free gold, soldiers, and turns, so go on a tater fest!

  • Firefox is your friend
    A lot of people use it to play this game, and you should too.

    Using multiple tabs on this game is easy. Hold in the CTRL key while clicking on a link to open it in a new tab, and hold in CTRL then press Tab or Shift+Tab to move between tabs.

  • Some forms with a CAPTCHA can be completed by holding Alt and pressing the number shown in the image
    If you need to make a quick steal, or are better with a keyboard than with a mouse at entering the correct number, some browsers may allow you to hold in Alt and press the number to access and "click" the corresponding number. If Alt doesn't work, try Alt+Shift+number.